Our Story



What happens when you mix a retail junkie and a techy engineer? You get a team whose viewpoints balance each other and products that that give a little more than what is expected.  We’re Gina and Scott and we created Nailflix™, the Original Motion Nails.


These animated nail designs use lenticular technology in a new way to create stories at your fingertips.  The images change or morph when you gently wave your hands or tilt your head for a different viewing position.




 “I had never seen this on nails, but have always been fascinated with personal expression of wearable art and technology...And right now,  there is an explosion of nail art variety—more colors, more wraps—as well as, extreme and exotic nail adornment . Recalling the animation of wacky packs and cracker jacks prize stickers when I was a child, I thought it may be possible to add that animation to fingernail designs...images that actually moved, like a mini movie or a GIF.” -Gina




It turned out that the engineering challenges were difficult, but achievable. With hard work, research and time spent at TechShop, the idea was brought to life.  Each set of Nailflix™ Motion Nails are individually handcrafted with pride at our workshop. You are getting a truly distinctive product. We are currently exploring design possibilities while working with talented artists for their creative input. We hope you have as much fun wearing them as we have creating them.


They will add a snappy touch to your style and maybe even stir up a conversation.

They’re the ultimate expression of your personality...at your fingertips!


-Gina and Scott

 Patent Pending