Q:  How do I apply Nailflix™ Motion Nails?

A: Follow Instructions Below:

  • Thoroughly wash and dry hands.  Wipe fingernails with alocohol or acetone.

  • Select and layout artificial nails and glue tabs that fit appropriate fingernails.  If in between sizes, choose the smaller for a more natural fit.

  • Apply glue tabs and artificial nails one fingernail at a time; starting from pinkies to thumbs.

  • Peel glue tab from sheet and apply onto natural nail, backing film side up.

  • Rub with pressure on the backing film for 10-15 seconds. *Tip: with small scissors trim away excess backing film with glue as close to your nail's edge.

  • Remove plastic backing film.

  • Place the artificial nail on the exposed glue tab and apply pressure for 10-15 seconds.

  • Do not file top/front or back surface of the artificial nail as this will permanently damage the image . Use included nail buffer to remove any remaining burrs at the tips.  Feel free to reshape nail tips at the edges to suite your desire.  You may shorten the length of the nails by cutting with scissors or nail clippers and smoothing edges with the nail buffer.

  • Do not apply nail polish to the top surface of the artificial nails or use harsh chemicals as this will distort, degrade and/or permanently damage the viewing image.

  • If you have never applied artificial nails you may find a little practice is needed. We have supplied extra nail tabs for re-application as desired.


Q:  How long do the nails stay attached?

A: When applied according to directions with supplied glue tabs, Nailflix™ Motion Nails will stay affixed to fingernails approximately 4-7 days with normal care. On occasion, a nail may come off sooner. You can re-apply the Motion Nail with a fresh glue tab and by following application directions.


Q:  What types of activities can I do wearing them? Are they sensitive to any chemicals?

A: Treat Nailflix™ artificial nails as you would treat painted finger nails with appropriate normal care.  Heavy house cleaning with harsh chemicals, excessive dish washing, and yard work, etc. will reduce the luster, wear them out quicker and may permanently damage the viewing image.  It will also wear the down the glue tabs faster.


Q:  Why are there tiny ridges on the top surface of the nails? Can I alter or enhance the nails?

A:  Great question! The tiny ridges are a very important part of Nailflix™ Motion Nails. They are actually lenses (close to a hundred) used to create the illusion of motion on the nails, called lenticular technology. Do not apply nail polish or acetone, file or use harsh chemicals to the top surface of the nails as this will distort, degrade and/or permanently damage the nails.


Q:  How do I remove Nailflix™ Motion nails?

A: You should be able to gently peel off the artificial nails from your natural fingernails by pressing down firmly on the artificial nail and sliding off from the tip end. You may also be able to pull off the artificial nails by peeling and lifting them from one side. Any remaining gummy adhesive can be rubbed off with your finger nails or you can use alcohol or nail polish remover to wipe off.


Q:  Can I reuse the artificial nails?

A: You may! Nailflix™ nails will keep their luster and form longer if they are gently used/handled during light daily duties and avoiding excessive chemicals.  Extra nail adhesive tabs are added to reattach the nails if desired.


Q:  The nails are too long. Can I shorten them?

A: You may! Feel free to shorten the nail length by trimming the edge with scissors or nail clippers and smoothing with the nail buffer.


Q:  Why don't you offer liquid nail glue? Can I use it?

A:  We have tested but both liquid nail glue and glue tabs. Nail glue tabs are gentler on both natural nails and the Nailflix Motion Nails.  The harshness of the liquid nail glue will degrade and/or permenantly damage the top surface causing the image to become distorted.  If you need to remove the nail, acetone is almost always used. For this reason, we do not recomend the use of liquid nail glue. With that disclaimer, many customers have carefully and sucessfully applied Nailflix Motion Nails with liquid nail glue for a stronger fit.


Q:  What are the shipping charges?

A: US orders are shipped standard mail at a rate of $3.00 per order. International orders are shipped standard mail at a rate of $6.00 per order.


Q:  When will I get my order?

A: US orders are shipped standard mail through USPS and generally arrive within 3-5 days. International orders, where permitted by local customs regulations and reachable through USPS, generally arrive within 10-14 days. All arrival dates are estimates.  All orders are shipped within 3 days of payment approval. For further information about your order please contact our Customer Service Team.


Q:  Returns/Exhanges?

A: We're 100% committed to your satisfaction, and if for some reason there is an issue with your order when you receive it, we'll do our best to find a good solution. Please contact our Customer Service Team for further details and to provide us with valuable feedback about our products. Because our products are handcrafted, you may notice slight variations in item continuity. Please know you are getting truly unique products.

  • Original purchases must have been made through www.nailflix.com or other authorized websites

  • All returns or exchanges must occur within 14 days of purchase

  • Returns or exchanges are not accepted beyond normal wear or damage caused by improper use or accidents